Late update

I haven’t put out an update in a while and some things happened. First are recent episodes of Extra Credits, for which me and Gamesmakingnoob created polish subtitles.

  • Gry kolekcjonerskie (cz. 3) (orig. Collectable Games III), which is a third installment in Collectable Games cycle. Many M:tG examples, so fans of the CCG may be interested.
  • Projektowanie dla młodych (orig. Designing For Youth) tells about what to pay attention to when designing for youngest players.
  • Neutralność sieci (orig. Net Neutrality) is about network services availiblity and their dependence on ISPs. It’s a current subject, relevant in US and Europe alike.
  • Żle zrobione Free 2 Play (orig. Free 2 Play Done Wrong), czyli czym różni się dobrze zrobiona gra Free 2 Play od słabej.
  • Gry komediowe (orig. Comedic Games) and comism. Why are some games funny, and other struggle to become the former?

That’s all for now. Tomorrow brings us a new episode by the Extra Credits with polish subtitles embeded.

Beside that nothing particular happened, maybe aside from Wiosnobranie at, which I managed to survive without any wallet  malfunction. Whew…

Some time later I’ll probably write a little about Injustice: Gods Among Us, which is my current beat-em-up of choice.

In other news, at the end of the week there will be prerelease tournaments for the newest set of Magic: the Gathering cards, being the final part of Theros trylogy: Journey Into Nyx. Spoiler shows some great cards I’m looking forward to playing with.

Speaking of M:tG, I’ve recently written an article aimed at fresh Competitive players explaining various penalties and infractions that they may and probably will come upon at their first tournaments. You can read it on It’s written in polish, so if you don’t know the language… sorry.

That’s all for now. See you later!