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Extra Credits PL: Games You Might Not Have Tried: Cyberpunk

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The newest installment of Extra Credits series is up. This time it’s a delighful feast for all true cyberpunk fans. Extra Credits team presents a couple of games, which every fan of futuristic worlds being home to huge corporations and cyber-implants should definitely play. Polish subtitles by me and Gamesmakingnoob already augmented.

From among games shown in this episode I especialy recommend trying Gemini Rue. It’s a great point-and-click adventure game with interesting narrative and surprising plot twists.


Manual for enabling youtube subtitles.

Extra Credits: Games You Might Not Have Tried: Cyberpunk

Polish translation and subtitles sync:
Błażej “Woland” Żywiczyński and Piotr “Stilghar” Łopaciuk
Proofreading: Elżbieta “Rosia” Rydzewska